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Jaw Surgery

Corrective jaw surgery (Orthognathic surgery) treats the misalignment of the jaw through surgical repositioning. Jaw surgery may be for you if you have an abnormal bite or have a misaligned jaw. People in need of jaw surgery often have:Corrective Jaw Surgery, Maxillofacial surgery in in Hemet or Moreno Valley

  • Difficulty with eating
  • Speech or breathing┬áproblems
  • Chronic jaw pain or an open bite.

During a comprehensive examination, our surgeons will use facial x-rays to explain the best surgery routes available to you. This consultation will help you better understand how your bite will be improved.

This surgery moves your jaw into a new position to improve the functionality of the relationship between your teeth and jaws. While you will find that your smile will undergo an aesthetic improvement, more importantly, the new positioning will improve your long term dental health.

If you live in or around in Hemet or Moreno Valley and have a question about corrective jaw surgery, call us today!

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