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TMJ Surgery

TMJ (temporomandibular joint) disorders develop as a result of the jaw joints and the chewing muscles are out of joint. Injuries to the jaw as well as arthritis can cause damage to these joints, preventing them from working correctly. Symptoms include:

  • Pain or a clicking sound
  • Frequent headaches/neck aches
  • A popping, or locking of the jaw when you open your mouth
  • A stiffness or soreness around the jaw

After an initial consultation, if our surgeons determine you suffer from TMJ, initial treatment will involve immediate muscle relief with the use of a pain reliever or anti-inflammatory. Other forms of stress management involve physical therapy or the use of a temporary plastic appliance known as a splint that moves your jaw forward relieving pressure from your jaw.

In some cases surgery, such as arthoscopy and open joint repair, are required to produce optimal results. The main goal at our office is to assess your pain and provide you with treatment that will enable you to have a healthier, pain-free jaw.

If you live in or around in Hemet or Moreno Valley and you think you may suffer from TMJ, call our offices or fill out an appointment request form to schedule a consultation today. Our dental surgeons will gladly answer any questions that you may have.

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